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It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.


I remember the hairs on the back of my neck standing up the day I worked out how to play ELO’s Evil Woman on the piano. The second and third main chords are an Em7 and a Dm7 (I think….I’m still not very good at the names of the chords) and to this day I still get the same sensation.


So this was a chance to do something a little self indulgent. It has taken almost 2 years to complete, and I’ve enjoyed every minute. 


The biggest thanks goes to DC (Paul Di Giacomo), who held my hand throughout and provided creativity, encouragement, advice and musicianship to the album. Thanks to the ‘old guns’ - Finky, Timmy, Ned and the Brass Boys -  and the ‘young guns’ - Sophie, Syd and Nick. Also to Chas and Chrissy who added much needed contributions with the lyrics.

Thanks for the support from my beautiful family - Di, Nick and Lara.


And finally to The Emissions (Stu, Chop, Mickey, TT and Changa) and The Rabs (TT, Finky and Timmy) for keeping the musical flame alight.


I hope you enjoy it and maybe you might get one hair on the back of your neck standing up!

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